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SIMA Callao is our main operations center, being the only one nationwide able to serve large sea-going vessels as well as the principal units of the Navy of Peru. The center has an area of 300,000 m2 in which there are docks and large berths where shipbuilding projects up to 50,000 DWT are carried out and repair of all types for vessels up to 25,000 DWT. We also have well-equipped workshops for the metalworking activity and a specialized center for weapon and electronic systems.


SIMA-CALLAOOur Main Office located in
Avenida Contralmirante Mora No. 1102, Callao - PERÚ.
14 km from Lima capital city.

The main point of reference is the Port of Callao; we stand very near from here him. In addition, we are just 15 minutes from Jorge Chavez International Airport and 30 minutes from the business district of San Isidro in Lima. You can view a location map by clicking here.



Dry Dock
Length 194.85 m
Breadth 26.80 m
Depth 10.60 m
Capacity 25,000 TPM
Cranes 2

Floating Dock N°104
Length 115.80 m
External Breadth 23.30 m
Internal Breadth 23.3 m
Depth 10.60 m
Capacity 4,500 t
Cranes 2

Floating Dock N°106
Length 87.84 m
Breadth 13.72 m
Depth 7.85 m

Floating Dock N°107
Length 125.96 m
Breadth 15.50 m
Depth: 10.35 m

Note: Term DWT (Death Weight Tonnage) refers to the cargo capacity of vessels which can enter the dry dock, while term TON refers to the weight of ships that can be served at the floating docks..


Berths and Yards:

Building Berth Nº 1
208 m
Breadth: 28.7 m
Gradient: 3%
Portal crane: 2
Building Berth Nº 2
203 m
Breadth: 34 m
Gradient: 4% & 5%
Portal crane: 2
North Assembly Yard
Length: 120 m
Breadth: 17 m
Portal crane: 2
Area: 2,040 m2
South Assembly Yard
Length: 75 m
Breadth: 37 m
Portal crane: 2
Area: 2,775 m2
Building Workshop Yard
Length: 96 m
Breadth: 26 m
Portal crane: 1
Area: 2,496 m2
Specialized Workshops
Surface Treatment
Ship Mechanics
Ship Engines
Electronic Systems and Sensors
Servomechanisms and Servo Technology
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